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RE: search -> replace -> global keymap?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: search -> replace -> global keymap?
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2017 06:46:27 -0800 (PST)

> >> I'm using a certain command very often from the menus and using my
> >> mouse. It is 'search -> replace -> global' but how can I assign a keymap
> >> to it please so that I'm able to call it from within my document please?
> >
> > What menu is that (I don't see it)?
> >
> > Anyway, do this: `C-h k' followed by picking the menu item that you
> > want to assign a key to.  That will tell you what the command is
> > that that menu item invokes.
> >
> > Then do `C-h w' followed by that command name, to see if it is
> > already on a keyboard key sequence, in addition to being bound
> > to that menu item.
> >
> > If it has no keyboard binding, give it one, using `global-set-key'.
> >
> > You can use `M-x global-set-key' interactively, to try it out.
> > You can use `(global-set-key (kbd "...") 'COMMAND)' in your init
> > file to get the binding persistently, where "..." is the key
> > sequence you want and COMMAND is the command you want to bind
> > it to.
> Thanks for this Drew.
> To find what I'm talking about 'Menu-bar -> Search -> Replace -> Global'

I don't see that menu.  You should mention the details about your
Emacs version/installation.  With `emacs -Q' (no init file) I see
the Search menu under the Edit menu on the menu-bar.  I see no
Search menu on the menu-bar.  But it might also depend on what mode
you are in etc.

> and the command that it generates is 'replace-string'. So I've assigned
> a keyboard binding to it and its now working well, thanks.

Good.  But how did you find which command is bound to it, if `C-h k'
doesn't work for you?

> But this problem has thrown up a difficulty for me, in that I can't use
> 'C-h k'! If I try it it always just shows the 'k', and ditto 'C-h w'!
> How can I find what it has been mapped to please?

Others have responded to this question.  Try f1 if C-h doesn't seem
to work.

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