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Re: Problem in Ubuntu with certain commands depending on mouse position

From: Bingo
Subject: Re: Problem in Ubuntu with certain commands depending on mouse position
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2017 23:46:23 +0530
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On March 29, 2017 11:06:01 AM GMT+05:30, Jonathan Ganc <> 
>I am running Emacs 25.1 in Ubuntu 16.10. Whenever I have two frames
>and the mouse is positioned over
>the other frame (i.e. not over the active one), certain commands like 
>'yank-pop' and 'dabbrev-expand' don't work properly. I figured out that
>the issue is that, in these situations, the Alt key is producing a 
><switch-frame> event on key-down.
>I don't know enough about x-windows/emacs input to know why this event 
>is being produced in this situation. I filed a bug 
> but the one 
>responder also didn't know the significance of the <switch-frame> being
>produced here.
>I don't mind trying to do some delving into the code and seeing if I
>fix the problem. However, I was wondering if anyone had any insight
>what was happening and why...?

Since frame is an Emacs term, i assume switch-frame event that you mention is 
an Emacs event. Correct me if i an wrong here.

You could check what X is sending to Emacs when you press Alt, by 

C-h k Alt

If Emacs is configured to take any action on simply the key down of Alt, it 
should show the exact action and the mode that told Emacs to behave like that. 
It would also tell you what exactly X is sending to Emacs on key down of Alt.

As far as X is concerned, run the command "xev" in a terminal, and when the 
window is in focus press Alt. Or should tell you if X is misinterpreting Alt to 
be something completely different.

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