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FW: multiple table exports in org-mode

From: Gunther Clasen
Subject: FW: multiple table exports in org-mode
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2017 09:29:31 +0000


I have created an outline view with a few properties, which I edit in table 
view. I need to export some of the columns to CSV. This is what I have:
* My Stuff
:ID: MyTable
:COLUMNS: %Col1 %Col2 %Col3 %Col4 %Col5 %Col6
** Stuff
* My Stuff - Table View
#+BEGIN: columnview :id "MyTable"

This all works fine and I can export it to csv, except what I really want in 
the Table View is a table with the following format:
:COLUMNS: %Col1 %Col2 %Col3 %Col4

I may have a need to also export a table with yet another format, e. g.
:COLUMNS: %Col1 %Col2 %Col5 %Col6

At the moment, I have different :COLUMN: at the beginning of the file and I 
comment out the one I don't use. This is not exactly ideal. Is there a better 
solution to this? Also, I don't actually work on all the columns at once, so 
really if I could define those two columns at the top and then use the column 
view on one or the other, that would be fab. But that's probably asking too 

I could export all columns and use the cut command on the csv file to remove 
what I don't need.

Thanks for any ideas!

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