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Re: Emacs with email, getting a little frustrated

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: Emacs with email, getting a little frustrated
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2017 07:36:20 -0700
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Devin Prater <> writes:

> To: Subject: frustrated with email clients in
> Emacs. Any ideas? From: Devin Prater <> Gcc:
> nnfolder+archive:sent.2017 --text follows this line-- Hi all. As a
> somewhat-newbie, I thought I'd try my hand at configuring Gnus to my
> liking: getting rid of the [number-of-lines] before subject, adding the
> date to the summary buffer, that kind of stuff which modern mail clients
> do. So, I went in, messed things up, went to the wiki about gnus with
> Gmail, put a little of that in my ~/.gnus.el file, put a little more in
> my .emacs.el file, and now, some headers display even though I told Gnus
> to not show any headers, Quoted text is not in the quoted text face, and
> I think I screwed gnus up pretty badly. So, any way to at least get it
> back to total defaults? Or is there a better email client that works
> with Emacspeak, which I can use? I’ve /tried/ to get offlineimap
> working, but so far, I’ve failed with that, so I don’t think mu4e will
> work. I’ve tried wanderlust, but it doesn’t seem to work with Emacspeak.
> I would use a graphic client like Thunderbird, but for one, I like
> Emacs, and for two, it thinks its 5 hours in the future. I have gotten
> Mutt working, but that doesn’t work will at all with Emacspeak. So, any
> ideas? -- Sent from Discordia using Gnus for Emacs. Email:
> Long days and pleasant nights!

You should be able to get Gnus back to defaults simply by commenting out
everything in your .gnus.el file except for the server definitions. That
should put you back to vanilla Gnus.

If you want to take another stab at configuring the look of the summary
buffers, you might have better luck asking in emacs.gnus.general.


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