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Remapping navigation Keys in EMACS

From: Rishabh Jain
Subject: Remapping navigation Keys in EMACS
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2017 13:53:50 -0400
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I'm just starting up with EMACS, and am curious if anyone has mapped their navigation keys (C-f,b,p,n, etc) to WASD format (like games do for navigation). If you have, please share your experience as well.

W - up, A - left, S - down, D - right

Here's how I want to remap:

 * C - (a,d) -> character wise left and right
 * C - (w,s) -> line wise up and down
 * M - (a,d) -> word wise left and right
 * M - (w,s) -> paragraph wise up and down
 * C - M - (a,d) -> (sentence wise left, right)
 * C - M - (w,s) -> (move current line up/down)

My biggest concern is that if this remapping would really impede my EMACS experience in time - for eg. using packages, etc. At this time, I'm about 1 week old user, and primarily code in Python, and Matlab, and work regularly in Latex. For the last reason, I'm really looking forward to using org-mode.

Thanks again for taking the time,



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