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Re: spell make it work emacs on AppleMac

From: Ben Bacarisse
Subject: Re: spell make it work emacs on AppleMac
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2017 12:35:12 +0100

Richard Smith <> writes:

> Ben Bacarisse <> writes:
>> Richard Smith <> writes:
>>> ESC-x ispell not working - nor any other spell command.
> Your questions answered as best I can:

Thanks.  Very fully.

I'm going cut a lot but that's just because it shows things that look

> * M-x customize-apropos spell
> Ispell Alternate Dictionary: [Hide Value] [Value Menu] File: 
> /usr/share/dict/web2
>    [State]: STANDARD.

Does this file exist?

> Ispell Look Command: [Hide Value] /usr/bin/look
> Ispell Look P: [Hide Value] [Toggle]  on (non-nil)
>    [State]: STANDARD.
> Non-nil means use `look' rather than `grep'. [More]
> Parent groups: [Ispell]

Check that the look system command exists and runs in your machine.  (I
mean in a terminal.)

> Ispell Program Name: [Hide Value] ispell
>    [State]: STANDARD.

My emacs is configured to use aspell (and ispell replacelemt), but the
key thing is, does ispell (as a command in a terminal) run on your
system?  I suspect not.

[My emacs has a full path here: /usr/bin/aspell.  I doubt that's
important, but if you do have a spell command installed, try putting the
full path here.]


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