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Re: need suggestions regarding modules for jquery

From: Krishnakant
Subject: Re: need suggestions regarding modules for jquery
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2017 13:58:23 +0530
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Just an update,

I manage to get tern working with emacs.

Now the problem is that I somehow can't get jquery completion working.

I guess this could be called as off-topic but the point is that I am not gettting how I can get the connection between tern, jquery and emacs.

I have the tern-mode and company-tern working all right. The only problem is that

I installed tern on Ubuntu 16.04 using npm install.

I also have a folder called node_modules in my home folder (~/node_modules).

I also have a .ternconfig file with jquery in the libs section.

Yet all except jquery functions get completed.

if I do I get every thing including getElementById (I have company's prefix set to 2).

Can any one suggest why jquery is being ignored?

I doubt this is to do with the way npm, node and tern are integrated with emacs.

Happy hacking.


On Sunday 23 April 2017 02:18 PM, Krishnakant wrote:
Dear all,

I have been frustrated in this search so far.

I have a very simple issue yet no suggestion on the Internet seems to work fine.

I had previously asked help for company-web and had asked for some guidance regarding the init configuration which I had then posted.

However I did not get the desired end result.

Now I am wondering if any one has any alternative suggestion on modules for working with jquery?

I tryed company-tern with an impression that it might work for jquery.

But it has not worked.

I need auto completion, code highlighting and block pairing (the brackets etc are already handled by electric ).

I would ideally need some module which works with javascript as such and jquery in particular.

Does any one have a better solution to company-web with web-mode?

if not I won't mind using the former if it has certain more advantages or if some one can help me configure it.

I have actually added the company backend (add-to-list 'company-backends 'company-tern)

same for company-web-html.

I also have the hooks properly initialise when js2-mode is active in a buffer where a js file is open.

But none of the features seem t to work.

So as a last resort I thought it be better to ask on this list where so many experts must be already using some thing very well.

Happy hacking.


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