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Org mode: Making a multiple-choice quiz/test

From: Devin Prater
Subject: Org mode: Making a multiple-choice quiz/test
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 09:31:04 +0000
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#+OPTIONS: latex:t toc:nil H:3
Hi all. as a newbie to both Emacs and Org Mode, I thought I'd try my
hand at making a quiz for my student to take. This quiz is multiple
choice, and follows something like this.
1. What is ___
a. ___
b. ___
c. ___
d. ___
2. ___
a. ___
b. ___
c. ___
d. ___

Problem is, first of all, that when put into Open document format, the
question and answers seemed to show up on the same line in Microsoft
word. Then, the numbering started over from one after the letter
choices. The student will have to /italicize/ the correct answer.
So, is there a way to do this? For now, I just put question in front of
the question, like
question 1. ___
So the numbering could stay the same.
Thanks for any help!
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