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humans and technology

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: humans and technology
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2017 06:57:52 +0200
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You know the Marxist theory of society etc.
etc.? I you apply that to technology and some
self-knowledge, it seems to click perfectly
with us and Unix and Emacs. Only thing is,
other people will end up with different
technology. Here, there is a notion that some
technology is better than the other. But then
why do people use the inferior technology?
Because they are not as good to begin with?
Why not? Here is where the theory gets shady.
But morals aside, it is a perfect match.
At least for me. But are other people who has
experienced the same perfect match the same as
me? How so? And if you do technology too much,
are you technology as well as human? If yes,
how much do you have to do it? If you reproduce
yourself every day, and a good portion of that
day is technology, and this goes on every day,
where does the line go where you produce
technology and it doesn't produce you?

underground experts united

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