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Re: [GNU-Emacs] request: better subject lines

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: [GNU-Emacs] request: better subject lines
Date: Mon, 01 May 2017 05:03:01 +0200
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Carlos Konstanski wrote:

> If you're like me, you get a whole lot of
> spam. You need to scan the subject lines in
> your INBOX to decide what's spam and what's
> ham. If you have to open an email to decide
> because the subject line is inconclusive,
> that's bad.

Use Gmane to read mailing lists as newsgroups.
That way, this isn't a mailing list anymore.
At least in terms of the interface, it is
a newsgroup, namely !
Typically, I keep an eye on some 20
groups/lists. Some are there for software
I don't use that often, but whenever I do,
I want them there ready if I have some issues.
Other groups/lists I follow more closely.
It would be a royal pain if *all* of this
traffic ended up in the same INBOX!

Here is a screenshot that shows Gmane in Gnus
and Emacs:

> The subject lines for this mailing list need to
> have a [thing] injected so that it's obvious
> that it is email for this list. Note my example
> in the subject line of this email. Please?

Sorry, the subjects line approach won't help.
You're relying on humans to act perfectly
instead of solving this with technology at your
end of the pipe. That won't ever work.
Check out Gmane!

If you use Gnus, you can also use another
technique, called splitting mails. If you use
Gnus, there is absolutely no reason not to use
Gmane as well which is much better than
splitting mails. However, I mention it because
in other clients there might be
something similar. It is like the poor man's
Gnus and Gmane. It is up to you if you want to
be rich or poor in this case, because the
richness is also free och charge!

As for spam, get a new e-mail account, then
don't ever put it on a home page, and never
submit it to any shade sites.

underground experts united

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