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Re: Can Emacs help here (running on Linux, display on Windows)?

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Can Emacs help here (running on Linux, display on Windows)?
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2017 14:48:33 -0600
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Skip Montanaro wrote:
> Thanks. I was hoping there was some magic little ELisp function I
> could write which was activated when Emacs lost focus. It would gobble
> up mouse events until the click came for the focus, eat it, then
> return, leaving the normal event processing to take over.

Stefan Monnier suggested some focus hooks that could perhaps be used
to program exactly what you suggest.  But it would need some
programming.  Sounds possible though.

> Not a huge deal. I'll try and get into the habit of clicking the title
> bar. I notice that as I've aged (I'm 63 now, started with Gosling
> Emacs on VMS at 28), my accuracy with the mouse has degraded a bit.
> Certainly some of it is related to the age effect, though some of it
> might be that the setups of my various computing environments are
> suboptimal.

I had suggested clicking on the title, border, frame, but you might
also try Alt-TAB switching.  And Shift-Alt-TAB for reversing the
order.  Left thumb holding down on the Alt.  Left finger tapping on
the TAB key.  If you go past then the right pinky on the shift
reverses the direction through the list.  It isn't the best interface,
especially when there are many windows active, but it is one that most
window managers implement in some way or another and is therefore
fairly universal.  And no spurious mouse events to move the point.

I think borders have gotten smaller since I have gotten older.
Certainly the small fonts have gotten smaller. :-)


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