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Re: Toggle WikiLink on and off does not work?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Toggle WikiLink on and off does not work?
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2017 16:13:35 +0200
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Csányi Pál wrote:

> If this code write down by yason does this
> not, then what is it for?? What is the
> purpose of the <nop> at the start of such
> CamelCase word in Wiki Mode then??

I'm not a wiki user (at least not an editor) so
I don't know, the purpose of that ill-written
code tho is a DWIM function to insert/delete
the word "<nop>" depending on the state, i.e.
point (the cursor position) and what text/code
is before or after point.

Because you are not the writer of that code,
which I realized when you posted the link, it
isn't really meaningful for me to help you
improve it.

As for the issue it amends, I would instead
recommend using the everyday Emacs commands and
editing facilities to insert/delete that word.

At the most, one could think of an abbrev that
expands into it, for example "nop" -> "<nop>".
Even so, unless it is your day job editing the
wiki, I'd say that'd be over the top.

underground experts united

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