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Re: emacs -nw niggles

From: Mario Castelán Castro
Subject: Re: emacs -nw niggles
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2017 09:53:16 -0500
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On 30/08/17 09:51, Richard Banach wrote:
> hi,
> i tried this but didn't immediately see any effect (because of the -nw)
> ... but after i restarted my system, and emacs re-read .emacs.el i saw
> the changes ... i think i know how to fiddle with it now
> thanks ... you've been a real help :-)

I'm glad that my lowly advice was of some use. I am very ignorant in use
of GNU/Emacs. A competent Emacs user (not me) can tell you how to
disable underlining Emacs-wide.


P.S.: I recommend replying to the list only (instead of the author and
the list).  :)

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