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Non-standard DOS VGA Font single quote

From: rjd
Subject: Non-standard DOS VGA Font single quote
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2017 21:24:46 +0100
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I am a great fan of VGA dos for programming. I have been trying to figure out why in emacs I get weird single quotes (see attached image).

In general, single quotes work fine even in emacs, but for some reason in *Help* buffers they look different. This also applies when I compile something in shell and I get an error message

Anyway, I have attached the images of Perfect DOS VGA and Moder DOS 437 (the latter being an okay font, but I much prefer perfect). Also, I have attached both ttf files.

Do you have any idea? Thanks.

Attachment: Moder_Dos_437_emacs_*help*.png
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Attachment: Perfect_Dos_VGA_437_emacs_*help*.png
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Attachment: LessPerfectDOSVGA.ttf
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Attachment: Moder DOS 437.ttf
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