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Re: program to compute gears, with table

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: program to compute gears, with table
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2017 23:56:51 +0200
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Frank Krygowski wrote:

> I first did such a thing in the 1970s, using
> Fortran.

Cool! Fortran (Formula Translation, 1957)
sounds like the perfect idea. Perhaps the
formating (output report) should be left to
COBOL tho :) (Common business-oriented
language, 1959).

Today I think the hipsters at the universities
would use Haskell (1990).

> But I formatted it as a compact table in rows
> and columns. You could have one row for each
> chainring, one column for each rear cog.
> A matrix, 2x8.

The idea with having it 8x3 was that the third
column would be the "roll out" and that would
be sorted vertically.

But perhaps I'll add a feature to flip
it later.

> Another useful trick is to plot the gear
> development on a logarithmic scale, so the
> change from one gear to the next is scaled as
> the percentage change. Plotting using
> a separate row or a separate symbol for each
> chainring makes clear which gear is "next" in
> your gear progression.

Yes, I thought about doing that. Perhaps with
ASCII art or using gnuplot which I did some
cool plots with. Here is one:

underground experts united

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