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RE: dired-hide-details-mode have no effect suddenly

From: Tomas Nordin
Subject: RE: dired-hide-details-mode have no effect suddenly
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2017 22:40:21 +0200

Drew Adams <> writes:

> `C-h f dired-hide-details TAB' shows you these variables:
> dired-hide-details-hide-information-lines
> dired-hide-details-hide-symlink-targets
> dired-hide-details-mode
> dired-hide-details-mode-hook
> You might start with the last two, checking in your init
> file, `custom-file', or other code you might load.
> You can also put (debug-on-entry 'dired-hide-details-mode)
> in your init file, to find out what code is calling it.
> In the debugger, look at how it gets called, then use `c'
> to skip debugging.  Use `M-x cancel-debug-on-entry RET'
> to cancel such debugger entry.
> But it's probably easier to just grep for `dired-hide-details'
> in directories of customization and 3rd-party code you load.

Thanks for this suit of suggestions, I keep it in my back pocket. I
stored away the values of the variables (working condition), didn't grep
any results on `dired-hide-details' in my elpa directory.

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