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Re: Bookmarks: separate set of bookmarks in directory

From: Alan E. Davis
Subject: Re: Bookmarks: separate set of bookmarks in directory
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2017 11:47:08 -0700


Thank you for your response.  I have re-read that section now, and I can
see some ways that it could help me.  My chief concerns are:

   1.   for transparency: i don't want to have to think about the mechanics
   of bookmarking or calling or saving them.
   2. The dropbox bookmarks could, if possible, be stored in one bookmark
   file.  Any time I access the folder, using emacs, I would want to see the
   list in a listing such as "list-bookmarks" provides.
   3. Each machine has a unique set of groupings and files, which would
   ideally be stored in a single unique bookmarks file.
   4. Saving bookmarks would (in my perfect world) put them into either the
   local or the dropbox bookmarks file, perhaps through a regular expression
   recognition process.  Perhaps just recognition of "~/Dropbox" or whatever
   other top level directory name would make this possible?
   5. If the previous is even possible, it would be sufficient (I think)
   for one bookmark file to load another.  Perhaps the idea of setting a
   bookmark file bookmark would make this easy enough.  Still I wonder about
   the saving.

I am sorry if this is overly convoluted or if I have missed something

(I might just go ahead and use the directory-wise bookmark files ploy.
Would there then be an easy way for these to be called by the directory
bookmark file in the toplevel subdir?  (And hence be visible at a glance.).

Thank you again,


On Thu, Sep 14, 2017 at 8:06 AM, Drew Adams <> wrote:

> > I have an extensive dropbox folder with subdirectories for projects; I
> > would like to share the bookmarks between different computers.  These
> > computers have distinct files outside this dropbox folder to which I need
> > to have bookmarks.  So far, I have not found a way to do all the
> necessary
> > parts.
> >
> > I tried to find something like this in the extensive documentation for
> > bookmarks+.  I think that package is overkill for my usage.
> >
> >    1. I need to load both sets of bookmarks, local and global, so to
> speak.
> >    2. The bookmarks to files in the dropbox folder do not need to be
> saved
> >    and loaded separately.
> >    3. Bookmarks that are local to each machine must be loaded, but must
> be
> >    saved separately in a local bookmarks file like
> >    ~/.emacs.d/localbookmarks.txt .
> >
> > The deeper I dig, the more complicated it looks.  I would appreciate any
> > ideas.  I thought of org-mode, and I like and use it, but it would be
> much
> > simpler to use the canonical bookmark facility of Emacs.
> Sorry, but I don't really understand your use case and the problem
> you see.
> It sounds like you are just looking for a way to keep separate, and
> separately loadable, sets of bookmarks.  Is that it?
> If so, you can do that with vanilla Emacs bookmark.el, but Bookmark+
> can help.  It makes it easier to have multiple bookmark files, switch
> among them during an Emacs session, combine any of them during a
> session, etc.
> If it sounds to you like this might help then you might want to
> take a look at this part of the Bookmark+ doc, about using multiple
> bookmark files:

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