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Re: Emacs startup suddenly slower

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Emacs startup suddenly slower
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2017 22:48:38 +0200
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John Mastro wrote:

>> PS. Why do you want to run an antivirus
>> program each time you start Emacs? Is that
>> a new vulnerable interface where the
>> crackers lay their attentions?
> That's not really how it works. Rather than
> a user initiating a virus scan at specific
> times, it's always running in the background,
> analyzing program behavior for signs that
> a process may be malicious (among other
> things).
> The idea is that this may let it catch, for
> instance, some new ransomware variant based
> purely on the fact that it's doing
> ransomware-like things, without needing
> a specific "signature" to identify it.

Isn't there an antivirus Emacs package or ditto
GNU/Linux tool?

Because in all my years doing this I never paid
it any attention, so there is no telling what
mayhem the crackers have been up to right up my
back yard!

    ~"... an anarchist circus, travelling from
      summit to summit, with the sole purpose
      of creating as much mayhem as possible."
                                  (Tony Blair,
          after the the 2001 Gothenburg riots)

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