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Re: Enabling vc commands when visiting a remote file via Tramp?

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: Enabling vc commands when visiting a remote file via Tramp?
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2017 17:33:37 +0200
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Skip Montanaro <> writes:

> Michael,

Hi Skip,

> Thanks for the quick response. I would be in software support heaven
> if my corporate and vendor support staff were as responsive as you
> have always been. In my mind, Tramp is one of the "killer apps" for
> Emacs.

Well, that makes the difference: Tramp is my pet project. @work, I'm
slower. (Not too much, if somebody from my company is reading this)

> Aha! Our git executable is in an atypical location. This isn't a
> problem locally, as that directory is in PATH when Emacs is run, but
> it appears not to use that location when hunting for a remote git
> executable. Explicitly setting vc-git-program to the full path to the
> executable seems to have solved the problem. Fortunately, the path to
> git is the same on the local machine as the remote. To be on the safe
> side, is there a way to force it to use a specific remote path for
> git, but just continue to rely on PATH for local use?

Yep. There is tramp-remote-path. Apply

(setq tramp-remote-path (cons "/path/to/git/dir" tramp-remote-path)

> Finally, in the answer to the "how to speed up Tramp?" question in the
> documentation, you might want to mention that users can (I think)
> safely trim the vc-handled-backends to just those they care about.
> It's not a big deal when operating over a LAN, but would result in
> many fewer needless probes for nonexistent files when operating over
> slower networks. I set mine like so in ~/.emacs:
> (setq vc-handled-backends '(SVN Git))

Thanks for the hint, I'll do so.

> Skip

Best regards, Michael.

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