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Re: Unwanted cursor and menu offset/warpage

From: Robert Pluim
Subject: Re: Unwanted cursor and menu offset/warpage
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2017 14:34:09 +0200
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Skip Montanaro <> writes:

> My work environment is suboptimal. I do all my work on Linux machines
> (they pay me to program for that general platform). However, they see
> fit to plop a Windows 7 box on my desk and I've so far been unable to
> convince them to give me something more suitable. My typical Emacs
> setup scenario is to use PuTTY to connect to a Linux box and run Emacs
> there, with DISPLAY pointed back at the Windows thing. On that box
> runs something called VcXsrv.
> I actually don't recall if the problem described here is recent or
> ongoing, but it's pretty annoying. If, for example, I'm running an
> Emacs started with -q, then click a menu item in the title bar, the
> menu pops up offset several hundred pixels away from the mouse. This
> is as annoying as you might suspect, but since it's so in-your-face,
> it's obvious that it's happened, and I can usually move the mouse with
> care to pounce on the menu before it disappears or is replaced by the
> menu for the adjacent title bar entry.

Which version of Emacs is this? There were some changes recently
regarding HiDpi screen geometry and menu placement that might improve

> Worse is the behavior of the pointer while exiting ediff-anything.
> Again, with the -q flag (none of my customizations should be active,
> right?) if I execute ediff-revision on a file modified from some repo,
> it displays the little window/frame, but warps the cursor about 1000
> pixels to the right (I have three monitors side-by-side-by-side and
> configured Windows to use focus-follows-mouse because I so despised
> its click-to-type semantics). Consequently, any keys I press go to the
> wrong place. Once I drag the cursor back where it belongs, finish my
> ediff session and quit, it warps it again.
> The cursor warpage is more problematic than the offset menus because
> it involves a much subtler visual change to my environment. I wonder
> if anybody might have some suggestions about how to debug this issue,
> or have seen and conquered either problem. (I assume they are related
> because they both involve screen addressing offsets, but they may well
> not be.)
> I am going to take a plunge into WinEmacs, see if it behaves any
> better in this regard, and see how well it works with Tramp. Of
> course, most of the files, directories and mount points I use on Linux
> are invisible to Windows...

If you can persuade your WinEmacs to use some kind of ssh, all your
Linux files will become accessible


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