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Re: program to compute gears, with table

From: DougC
Subject: Re: program to compute gears, with table
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2017 00:42:38 -0500
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On 9/9/2017 9:06 PM, David Scheidt wrote:

On my mac at work, from the time I double click the excel icon to the
time it is ready to do work is over a minute.  It's a modern machine,
running an old version of excel.  The windows machine I have, but
never use, which is more powerful, and running a current version,
takes even longer.  It does have a spinny disk, and not an ssd.
(that's not counting the time to takes to boot up, since it's off.)

Your Mac/PC/Excel experience seems slow.
I don't use Office at work and use LibreOffice at home now, so I don't really know how bad the rental version of MS Office is these days.

I have not written nor used a CLI program in many years. I'd rather do it in a GUI (Visual Basic) just for the copy & paste ability that comes along for free. PCs are so big and fast now that there's little point in worrying about saving a few kilobytes--or even, a few hundreds of kilobytes. And arguing that a CLI is somehow "better" than a GUI is like arguing that a well and an outhouse are somehow "better" than indoor plumbing.

Also I have written programs in the past and not included any help files, and then forgotten how to use them. With the VB programs, I put in a few help buttons + message boxes that explain how to use the thing, so the help can't ever get separated from the program it goes with...

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