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Re: Modify text appearance (put spaces after commas just for display)

From: tomas
Subject: Re: Modify text appearance (put spaces after commas just for display)
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2017 12:34:22 +0200
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On Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 12:16:04PM +0200, Emanuel Berg wrote:
> tomás wrote:
> > I guess I should be more precise, then. I was
> > using "read" in some "literate" sense, as
> > I would read a text. Wha I'd do with this
> > kind of code would be more "decipher". I is
> > a much more deliberate (and painful) process.
> Yes, I understand :) Why do people think
> I don't understand all the time? Third time
> this thread!
> Now yes, at this point it would be decipher but
> if you started using that language it would be
> reading and writing like any code.

After some period of training. Perhaps. But then... perhaps
not. This is one point where we might differ. I have the hunch
that there are some fundamental differences between people which
somehow shine through to what kind of language and culture they
gravitate to. Oversimplified, there are the Java types and the
Lisp types, or the Python types and the Perl types (note that
those two last languages are pretty similar, which at first
sight makes this rift the more paradoxical, but the language
cultures are utterly different), or the Eclipse types, the vi
types and the Emacs types.

If my hunch is correct, then there's no "right" language and
religion wars over that are just a waste of time. Get along and
be nice to each other and ponies and flowers and all that. And
keep in mind that saying "one must not write programs in C" [1],
to some, sounds like "you don't exist", which is a terrible

> Or well, not exactly like "any" code, because
> having code like that isn't healthy. It is
> un-ergonomic for the brain as well as the body.

See? That's where we disagree on. Easy to learn isn't always the
same as easy to use, And then (my hunch, at least), for whom.


[1] "C", dear reader, should be read as a placeholder, of course.
   What did you think?
- -- t
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