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Re: execute function in replace-regexp

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: execute function in replace-regexp
Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2017 10:44:23 +0200
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t wrote:

>  - There should be no space between the comma
> and the paren: \,(...)
>  - I *think* you should string-quote the \1
> (the \1 itself gets, AFAIR, replaced
> literally: to have correct elisp you need
> quotes, but I might be wrong on that)
> This would make:
>      \,(downcase "\1")

Did you get it to work? I did :)

  (push 13 unread-command-events)
  (dolist (c (reverse (string-to-list "\\,(downcase \\1)")))
    (push c unread-command-events))
  (push 13 unread-command-events)
  (dolist (c (reverse (string-to-list "\\(DOWNCASE ME\\)")))
    (push c unread-command-events))
  (call-interactively #'replace-regexp))
                                     ;; ^ eval here

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