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Re: Gnus: Thread notes?

From: Danny YUE
Subject: Re: Gnus: Thread notes?
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2017 20:56:07 +0800
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Hi Michael,

I think you can do it in a reverse way:
org-capture a note when using Gnus and comment something, Org Mode will
*remember* the source/place where you capture a note, i.e. the ID of
email in this case.

Org Mode will attach a link to the original email that you can open and
jump to the email.

I think you need to somehow configure Org Mode to accomplish that.
(Please look at variable `org-capture-templates'.)

Is that sufficient enough for your needs?


On 2017-10-12 12:44, Michael Heerdegen <> wrote:
> Hi,
> do you know the problem that after some time, you have forgotten which
> messages of a thread were important, and what you wanted to do after
> some consent has been made?
> I would like a simple feature in Gnus that could be described as "Thread
> notes": when I click on a message, a file (maybe org) opens, maybe with
> a link back to that message (the file itself would be attached to the
> thread) where you could store some notes about the thread.  When you
> later need to reconsider that thread, that file would serve as a summary
> of the aspects that were important to you, with links to the messages
> and text passages, so you spare the time to re-read the whole thread and
> find the passages yourself.
> Is something like that already possible, with means of Gnus or Org, that
> is similarly convenient?  I'm not a heavy org-mode user, so I would
> prefer a solution that is build up on Gnus instead of Org.
> Or do people have other interesting workflows that are worth sharing
> helping with that kind of problem?
> Regards,
> Michael.

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