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Re: Gnus: Thread notes?

From: Michael Heerdegen
Subject: Re: Gnus: Thread notes?
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2017 21:33:20 +0200
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Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:

> I'll add a brief shameless plug for my package Gnorb (in Elpa) which
> does something like this. Basically you can attach Gnus messages to an
> Org heading (using the registry), and jump from the heading to an
> ephemeral group holding all the related messages. Plus a bunch of
> other stuff.

Thanks for all answers and ideas!  I don't want to answer to all, so
here is a summary:

I already knew org capture commands - but as sole util, they don't alone
fit what I want.  It could only be a part.

I also knew that I can tick messages.  I already have hundreds of ticked
messages so that I started to mark messages as "unread" as a flag for
myself meaning "read it again - important".  Not a good workflow.

I then learned about the Gnus registry, which is a thing I not knew
about and which fills a gap which I wondered why it existed.  It allows
custom flags (solving the above problem) and storing arbitrary data
attached to a message.  It's very low-level, however, but it would allow
to implement what I want.

Finally, "Gnorb" seems to fit perfectly, though I was a bit skeptical
first cause it seemed a bit complicated.  It allows me to capture notes/
todos etc from the Gnus summary buffer.  I can let Gnus flag all
messages that have an org headline attached in the summary buffer,
directly jump to the headline from the messages buffer and back etc -
all I wanted.  Seems nice - how could something with such a nice name as
"Gnorb" disappoint you... ;-)



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