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Re: Installing bbdb

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Installing bbdb
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2017 23:56:22 +0200
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M. P. wrote:

> What is the most straight.forward way to
> install bbdb on a Mac running emacs?

I don't use it myself but version 20171017.817
is in the MELPA. Seems enough up to date to me!
You know how to get stuff from MELPA, right?
(Not an insult :))

Also, I don't see why it should be any
different on a Mac so what it says [1] in the
EmacsWiki should hold!

But, what mail/news client do you use? Gnus?
And what functionality do you hope to get with
bbdb? There might be a much, much simpler way,
namely using the ~/.mailrc file.

As in:

    alias john    "John DiFool <>"
    alias kate    "Katherine Moss <>"
    alias friends john kate

Ask more if it didn't help!


underground experts united

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