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Re: replacement for whitespace-tab

From: Alexis
Subject: Re: replacement for whitespace-tab
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2017 12:11:44 +1100
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Mario Castelán Castro <> writes:

On 23/10/17 19:41, Alexis wrote:
Fairly sure that ARM in this context is actually referring to Acorn RISC
Machine / Advanced RISC Machine:

I know. It is just that I elided the rest of the message I was
replying to.

Okay. It's just that the message you replied to stated that:

"ARM = Array of Redundant Machines"

which at least in this context, does not seem to me to be correct. Since you did not address this yourself, i wanted to clarify what the acronym
meant, if not for yourself, then for other readers of this list.

Anyway, Wikipedia is of inconsistent quality. I do not recommend it.
Consult specialized texts instead.

Wikipedia is indeed of inconsistent quality. Otoh, i am not aware of any specialised text that contradicts its description of what 'ARM' stands for. (i've become interested in ARM of late due to my interest in the RISC-V project.) If you know of one, i'd be happy for my understanding
of the 'ARM' acronym to be corrected.


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