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bookmarks+: how to bind a bookmark to a key

From: Rainer Thiel
Subject: bookmarks+: how to bind a bookmark to a key
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2017 16:59:51 +0100
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I write my lectures with Emacs to be compiled with XeLaTeX, and I like
using bookmarks+.  I regularly give the bookmark name 'vorl-akt' to the
current position in the current lecture.  How can I bind that bookmark
to a key?  I should like to start Emacs and press F11 to find the file
and go to the position bookmarked.

Can someone please help me how to do that, or point me to a text that
explains it?  I am sure a close reading of the manual would tell me a
way how to do it, but you all know that reading complex manuals is a
time consuming task, and I assume others already know how to do it and
can explain it in two minutes.

Many thanks in advance

Prof. Dr. Rainer Thiel
Institut für Altertumswissenschaften
07737 Jena, Germany (EU)

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