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Re: how can I get back to the dired buffer after closing the file buffer

From: Amos Bird
Subject: Re: how can I get back to the dired buffer after closing the file buffer opened by dired?
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2017 09:51:33 +0800
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Hi Bob,

Thanks! It is due to some package that overrides `kill-this-buffer'.


Bob Proulx <> writes:

Amos Bird wrote:
I tried opening my files via `a` which runs dired-find-alternate-file.

Unfortunately 'a' probably was confused with 'f' as they do related by opposite things. Probably the suggestion was intended to suggest 'f' instead. Using 'a' replaces the dired buffer with the new file. That
is the opposite of what you want.

However 'f' does exactly the same as RET bound to dired-find-file and
so will work the same.

For me both RET and 'f' are bound to dired-find-file and both of those stack a new buffer. When I kill the buffer of the file I am returned to the previous buffer, including the dired buffer. What you are
asking for is the behavior I have always seen and currently see.

What version of emacs are you running? Please test the behavior using 'emacs -q' and 'emacs -Q' and see if the problem persists. Those avoid loading your own or any initialization. Quite often problems are due to customization. That will test if the problem is in the
project or in the customization.


Amos Bird

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