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Re: How to use \subsetneqq in Org-mode?

From: Alexis
Subject: Re: How to use \subsetneqq in Org-mode?
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2017 11:44:10 +1100
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杨劲松 <> writes:

Thank you Alexis and Kaushal. I might mislead you.

I am writing some short articles which includes a lot of Math
formula. So I include LaTeX command here and there like $A \subset B$. Most symbol display OK when exporting to HTML. But the \subsetneqq not. Same article, Html couldn't handle $\subsetneqq$ and display "Undefined control sequence \subsetneqq" in final render. But display
in PDF output correctly.

Yes, because as we noted, \subsetneqq is not a LaTeX command that Org understands. When exporting to PDF, your article gets processed by a LaTeX program (e.g. pdflatex; but it might be something different on your system), which understands what \subseqneqq is, so it's able to produce the correct output in the PDF. But when exporting to HTML, as explained by Kaushal, exporting uses a list built-in to Org (which you can view with M-x org-entities-help) in order to produce HTML output. It seems most of the math symbols you use are in that list, but \subsetneqq
is not, so you don't get the correct symbol in your output.

Thus, Kaushal suggested that you send an email to the Org people asking if \subsetneqq can be added to the list. In the meantime, however, you
can simply add the symbol directly into your article, by using the
method i described; instead of typing \subsetneqq, type:


which will insert the symbol into your article. Whether it displays in your Emacs buffer depends on whether the font you use in Emacs includes that symbol. Also note that whether it displays in a browser will depend
on whether the user viewing it is using a font that includes that

Hope that makes things clearer!


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