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Re: File .emacs not read

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: File .emacs not read
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2017 02:02:06 +0100
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Philippe Delavalade wrote:

> command-history ((apropos-value (quote
> ("GDM")) nil) (execute-extended-command nil
> "apropos-value" "apropos-val"))

This is related to the `apropos-value' search -
that is, it is unrelated to your issue.
That's always like this with apropos-value, but
luckily, it is easy to see which ones of the
hits are related to the search itself.

> init-file-user "GDM"

This is the/one error but not the source of it.

> and somewhere below

Here it is! You have an environmental variable,
LOGNAME, which is set to GDM . You can confirm
this with

    $ env | grep LOGNAME

So next step - where, and why, is it setup
like that?

[Also unrelated: The LESS is likewise an
environmental variable that defines the
standard flags (options or settings) to the
less(1) pager. The -M option which you have is

    -M or --LONG-PROMPT
           Causes less to prompt even more verbosely than more.

The "G_FILENAME_E" (EXTENTION?) I something I'm
unfamiliar with, but probably it is unrelated
as well.

But on the whole to rely heavily on
environmentals like this is something that was
more common way back. And I thought *I* was an

> I obtained these with M-! (was it the right
> way ?)

Sure, or one of the right ways I should say.
Probably more convenient to have either an
external terminal in X, or the console (Linux
VT/ttys) with tmux or screen, or M-x shell RET
in Emacs. But the result should be the same :)

underground experts united

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