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Re: want a file format easily edited and read by emacs that allows (mult

From: tomas
Subject: Re: want a file format easily edited and read by emacs that allows (multiple) pictures to be included
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2017 12:51:16 +0100
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On Tue, Dec 05, 2017 at 12:31:52PM +0100, Emanuel Berg wrote:
> tomás wrote:
> > You can have code *and* its results in an org
> > buffer, refresh the result at will, and when
> > rendering to one of the many export formats
> > have that consistently handled across all
> > those formats.
> So it *is* a tool, an IDE if you will, to
> generate data into different formats. OK, no
> further questions.

It's more... and less. For example I have a diary where
I keep the things I've done (and when billable, the time
they've taken me). It's basically a long strip of text,
so Emacs was the obvious choice.

Of course, since I want to extract information from it
(how many hours did I spend writing mails on Org ;-P
I'd like for it to have *some* loose formal structure:
not too much (I'm lazy), not too little (I don't want
my extract routine to bust every other time).

Org mode it is. No export to anything, but links into
projects, some source snippets... kind of my top-level
directory of life.

> PS. No wonder it was so difficult to find an
>     example what good actually ever came out of
>     it :)

No. It's because you seem to be blind on some eye. 
That may be just because you don't miss what Org might
bring to you, and that would be OK.

For someone who really organizes her live around Org,
go have a look at Sacha Chua's blog.

The point about Org is that many people use it in
many different ways. I think it is what you get when
you marry a lightweight markup language with the
power of Emacs (hint: not an IDE. An IDE is trivial,
Emacs already can that ;-).

- -- tomás
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