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Re: want a file format easily edited and read by emacs that allows (mult

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: want a file format easily edited and read by emacs that allows (multiple) pictures to be included
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2017 12:35:14 +0100
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Eric S Fraga wrote:

> I would have an example block first which
> allows the editing of the ascii drawing and
> then an nroff src block (although there is
> currently no actual support for nroff but
> trivial to add) for the pic diagram.

In general, if there is no support for *roff
this is a very severe flaw in any IDE as groff
is the markup and typesetting language of the
man pages - a cornerstone of any Unix system.

Even so, *roff is much more powerful and within
the military-publicist complex some use it to
layout commercial books like others
would LaTeX.

Here (my little project), nroff-mode isn't
essential because I just use it (so far) to get
some rudimentary font lock. For that, there are
other modes that could serve just as well.
nroff is closest tho conceptually as pic is
part of the groff pipeline tool chain,
as stated.

But anyhow, if I were to do as you suggest, and
I must confess I didn't understand any of
it :), what is the first step?

> Instead of an example block, you could use
> artist mode which is (in org) associated with
> ditaa if you wanted to use emacs fully to
> draw manually.

OK, how do I do that? I.e., how do I get into
that mode?

underground experts united

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