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Re: [el-search] How to search string excluding docstring?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: [el-search] How to search string excluding docstring?
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2017 19:04:22 +0100
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Michael Heerdegen wrote:

>> Tell us again why one can't just use grep to
>> search Elisp? :)
> There are tasks where grep isn't enough, like
> "find all uses of cl stuff where I have
> forgotten the cl- prefix", "find all
> definitions that have no docstring", "find
> all function "foo" calls that make use the
> third optional arg", etc.
> It can also do list-level query-replace.
> Some examples: "I've changed my function
> "bar" so that the second and third argument
> are now transposed. Let's adopt every use of
> it and transpose the expressions at the
> second and third argument position." Or
> "automatically transform any nested if's into
> an equivalent `cond'", or "find any `if'
> expressions that have no `else' and make them
> a "when", and such stuff.

Your software can do that? Impressive! Still,
I'd do that manually. But that's just me.
OTOH I have written tons of Elisp "for the sake
of Elisp". So I enjoy that. Looking at it from
a spaceship tho one might consider it a case of
built-up creativity/frustration. There aren't
any real challanges left [1] so people write
code for the sake or writing code, with the
purpose of writing even more code later.
It gives pleasure and is interesting but I, who
almost exclusively did just that, know there is
even more pleasure to do stuff that has a less
recursive application surface... Like it is
more interesting to write very advanced Elisp.
But to build a ramp so people can get their
bikes up onto a deck without bumping up
a stairways. Building the ramp might be trivial
in comparison but nonetheless every time you
see or use it it'll make you feel happy. So it
is complicated.

[1] Of course there are real challenges left!
    They are just harder to find. It is an open
    question if all fiddling makes you more
    perceptive of seeing them, *or* if it makes
    you less so as you get stuck in all the
    fiddling details.

Some random thoughts on a general level, not to
be taken as an assault on anyone's project or
style in particular...

          pink elephants and lemonade
        dear Jessie hears the laughter
         running thru the love parade

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