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Re: Gnus and emails sent by me

From: Narendra Joshi
Subject: Re: Gnus and emails sent by me
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2017 01:16:52 +0530
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Emanuel Berg <> writes:

> Narendra Joshi wrote:
>> Doing ^ changes nothing for me.
> Right, we probably have different backends.
> I'm on nnml.
>     The mail back end most people use (because
>     it is possibly the fastest) is ‘nnml’ [1]
> The reason I use nnml is also you get all posts
> as separate files, so you can apply the
> everyday shell tools and Emacs editing
> facilities on them with no friction.
> [1] (info "(gnus) Choosing a Mail Back End")
I think I am using `nnimap`. I will check this out and most likely
switch to nnml.

Narendra Joshi

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