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Is there somebody still using arduino-mode?

From: stardiviner
Subject: Is there somebody still using arduino-mode?
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2017 18:34:24 +0800
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I found arduino-mode and using it for a few days. But got some errors.

I found there are some issues on GitHub for a long time. and this repo on GitHub is not been updated for a long time. I emailed the maintainer. But he is not responding. And I check out some forks on GitHub of the original repo. I'm using the forwardest fork "mavit/arduino-mode" and "";.


(use-package arduino-mode
  :quelpa (arduino-mode :fetcher github :repo "mavit/arduino-mode")
  :bind (:map arduino-mode-map
              ("C-c C-c" . arduino-upload))
  (setq arduino-font-lock-extra-types t)


I got this error:


Eval error in the ‘c-lang-defvar’ or ‘c-lang-setvar’ for ‘c-known-type-key’
(fallback source eval - arduino-mode compiled with CC Mode 5.33 but loaded with
5.33.1): (wrong-type-argument sequencep t)

Hope someone can fix it. Because I'm not using the original repo and using a fork instead. So I don't mind use someone's fork.

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