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inferior octave

From: jan . mark . batke
Subject: inferior octave
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2018 04:11:31 -0800 (PST)
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how do I debug (and repair 8/ ) a hanging octave as an inferior process in 

I have 
- windows 10 
- octave 4.2.1
  installed in /opt/Octave-4.2.1
  having extend the path of windows to c/opt/Octave-4.2.1/bin
- emacs 25.3.1

The *Inferior Octave* buffer comes up, but no prompt is seen.

Resetting the prompt to ">> " as often suggest did not help.

Apparently the octave process is running, as shown when closing emacs in the 
*process List* buffer.

Process: inferior octave
Status: run
Buffer: *inferior octave*
TTY: -- (probably the problem to fix)
Command: octave -i --no-line-editing --no-gui

Any hint is appreciated 

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