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Advice with undo config

From: Nick Helm
Subject: Advice with undo config
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2018 23:48:36 +1300
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Hi there,

I keep bumping into the default undo limits and I'm trying to configure
my Emacs for greater undo capacity. If I add something like this to my

  (setq undo-limit        (* 16 1024 1024))
  (setq undo-strong-limit (* 24 1024 1024))
  (setq undo-outer-limit (* 240 1024 1024))

will there be any side-effects I should be aware of? Are these numbers
reasonable? I've tested this setup with some of the files that normally
give me problems and I can undo until the cows come home without any
obvious issues.

Many thanks!

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