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Lots of hangs Windows 10 26.0.91

From: Adam Taylor
Subject: Lots of hangs Windows 10 26.0.91
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2018 10:18:13 -0400

I'm looking for ideas on how to debug a fairly common hang I'm getting
while running emacs 26.0.91 under Windows 10 (I know, that's my first

I've been using mostly magit and elpy (python-mode) stuff when it happens.
I use desktop-save-mode which I suspected was the culprit until I turned it
off and the problem still happened.

What happens is that emacs starts to consume 30-40% of the cpu and starts
to eat memory at a good clip eventually causing my machine to start to page.

C-g does not work. I have to kill emacs from the task manager.

It does not seem to be linked to any particular action I make - sometimes
I'm just editing the python, sometimes I'm updating the magit status
window. No rhyme or reason that I can divine.

My guess is some issue in communicating with a subprocess (magit and elpy
both work with subprocesses).

I seem to remember some chatter about subprocess problems in the emacs
developer mailing list and wasn't sure if this was the same issue.

I would like to debug this, but since I didn't build the windows emacs, it
might be really hard to connect it to gdb and see where it has gone south.

Any help/pointers is greatly appreciated.

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