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Re: How to disable auto save on Emacs 26.1

From: Martin Šlouf
Subject: Re: How to disable auto save on Emacs 26.1
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2018 15:34:17 +0200


I have been also irritated by the various 'spam' within my projects, but
than I have found this setting (keeps all the backups in single directory):

  '(backup-directory-alist (quote (("." . "~/.emacs.d/backup-directory")))))

so I can keep my file system clean and still have the backups. I can
_recommend_ it.

Kind Regards,


Alist of filename patterns and backup directory names.
Each element looks like (REGEXP . DIRECTORY).  Backups of files with
names matching REGEXP will be made in DIRECTORY.

Tom Wallenfang <> writes:

> Hello dear emacs folk,
> I have been seeing lately that the autosave feature is activated again
> although I deactivated it :/
> Here is a cut from my .emacs file:
>> (custom-set-variables
>> '(auto-save-default nil)
>> '(auto-save-interval 0)
>> '(auto-save-timeout 0)
>> '(auto-save-visited-interval 0))
> Does anyone here know what I have to do so I don't have to remove those
> files everytime I quit editing
> (yes, I do know the consequences that can come with disabling autosave,
> and I am taking the full responsibility for what might/is going to
> happen.)
> Thanks in Regards
> Tom

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