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Re: What OS is used by Richard Stallman

From: Van L
Subject: Re: What OS is used by Richard Stallman
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2018 19:13:42 +1000

> Have I heard of it? I was the first who
> mentioned it in this thread. Perhaps not in
> a sensible way…

How is that going? 

They passed the MVP milestone, 
found critical mass and it is 
free, alas, unreleased?

> The Emacs kernel is, I think, the part of Emacs
> that runs all the time, that loops indefinitely
> unless told otherwise, and from which Emacs can
> schedule things with, for example, the idle
> timer.
> This makes Emacs an OS not just in the
> "interface-to-the-whole-computer" sense, but
> also in the scheduler sense.
> But it isn't a Unix OS just because it is
> a scheduler.

The manpages exec(3), environ(7), intro(9)
on NetBSD may shed light on the context to
what you’ve said.

> These are just clues I've picked up...

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