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Re: pdf viewer

From: Kamil Jońca
Subject: Re: pdf viewer
Date: Sat, 06 Oct 2018 11:51:45 +0200
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Teemu Likonen <> writes:

> Kamil Jońca [2018-10-06 11:02:54+02] wrote:
>> For some time emacs view pdf files with its internal viewer. But I
>> want to keep old behavior - open them with xpdf/evince How can I do
>> it?
> You can use mailcap-user-mime-data variable to override the (generated)
> defaults in mailcap-mime-data:
>     (setq mailcap-user-mime-data
>           '(((type . "application/pdf")
>              (viewer . "evince %s"))))

It does not work. Still pdf is open by internal viewer :(

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                -- Aristotle

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