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Re: Changing font size of all the buffers including the status line and

From: ISHIKAWA,chiaki
Subject: Re: Changing font size of all the buffers including the status line and the characters shown in electric-buffer
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2018 02:40:26 +0900
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Thank you all the help posted to this mailing list.

After looking at the tips posted so far, I tested the one posted by Van L.:

M-x customize-group RET faces RET

Basic Faces

I did not realize the change to this is propagated to Japanese fonts as well as 
dired mode font faces (which I presume are used electric-dired mode). Sure the 
characters in modeline also becomes large, too.

So, although I rarely use customization feature of emacs, this time I am a 
happy user of this.
For those who are unfamiliar with customization (maybe I am in the minority?),
here is how you change the height.
After M-x customize-group RET faces RET You click on the Basic Faces line using 
mouse, and then
using [Tab] to move to the Default font entry.
Then hit RET/ENTER, a set of editable entries will appear.
In my case, the height section contains size (in 1/10 pt) and it was 101.
I rewrote it to 202 and from the [STATUS] button, saved the value for future 
sessions (as well as for the current session).

Voila the character size including the modeline, the buffers (Japanese 
characters and ASCII English characters both are affected), and electric-dired 
mode all became twice as large and I am a happy user now.

I will study the other tips/hints and see how they compare to the solution 

Thank you, everybody!

Happy Hacking (in the good old sense of the phrase).


On 2018/10/10 20:37, ISHIKAWA,chiaki wrote:

I run Emacs under linux. I am happy with Emacs and most of my writing document is done using Emacs even if the final draft is created using MS Word by request. Thanks to the support of unicode these days, handling Japanese as well as English is great.

One gripe. Ever since I switched to 4K display (well actually, it is more like 3840x2160 @30Hz  due to my poor graphics adapter), one thing bothers me.

It is the font size of Emacs. The default is way too small on this 4K display and I would like to show the characters and big and beautiful. There are times when I want to see as many characters possible. But most of the times, I want to see big and crisp characters due to my age.

Anyway, I checked Emacs Wiki.
There does NOT seem to be a universal method that can enlarge the font size of buffers including one for electric-buffer mode and status line in one go.

Inside a buffer, I can do c-x c-+ to enlarge the font of the text INSIDE that buffer, but the characters shown on the window pane, so to speak does not become larger, neither the characters on the status line. Of course, each time a new buffer/window by visiting a new file is created, it is shown  in the small default size.
(I am a bit bothered by the description of a potential bug in the wiki:
--- quote
BUG? – If you use a fontset with Xft, `|C-x C-+|’ this does not scale the secondary font. For example, If you use a fontset – |dejavu-sans-mono| for latin, |NanumGothic_Coding| for hangul(Korean) – , increasing the text size does not scale the Korean characters. – cinsk <>

---end quote
I am using Japanese fonts with ordinary ASCII English fonts.
As far as I can tell, somehow my Japanese text buffer with interspersed ASCII roman characters and digits do get resized properly with c-x c-+ keystrokes.
Maybe I am not using a "fontset" currently.
I recall setting the size using X11 resources long time ago, and now I have just realized that the discrepancy of the sizes of Japanese fonts and ASCII English fonts which I experienced are due to this "BUG". It happened maybe two or three major versions ago of Emacs. Japanese fonts got the desired size, but English fonts remained small. It was so annoying that I believe I disabled the choice of Japanese font size using X11 resources. It happened many months ago on non-4K display.

And I notice this c-x c-+ does not work for electric-buffer mode. Inside electric-buffer mode, c-x is eaten by the electric buffer mode itself and so this doesn't work.

So I probably have to do something about the size of various fonts either in my .emacs start up or maybe using X11 resource properly(?). There seems to be a method to selectively change the size of a given font used inside a buffer. It is a bit unfriendly and beside I have no idea if the size of fonts used for status line and electric-buffer-mode is tweaked in the similar manner.

Any thoughts/tips?

Yes, I agree it is wonderful that one can tweak each font for frame, buffer, etc. as much as one wants, but there ought to be a single wrapper that allows one to say, I want all the font to be 150 pixel height or 1.4 times the current size to move to a new display terminal with different physical pixel size. Hmm, it DOES sound to be a good exercise to use X11 resources, but I suspect there are Windows users who need this global font size change including electric-buffer mode buffer and status line and so non-X11 solution is preferred.



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