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detect sentence/paragraph ending (was: refill paragraph but visually (li

From: Van L
Subject: detect sentence/paragraph ending (was: refill paragraph but visually (like visual-line-mode)?)
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2018 13:26:28 +1100

> The main difficulty here is that to do a proper refill, you need to find
> the paragraph boundaries and there's no reliable rule for that (only
> heuristics and conventions), so doing it 100% automatically tends to
> come with warts and all (which is why refill-mode only performs the
> refill for the paragraphs which you do edit, for example).

Can Deep Learning and Machine Learning be leveraged to automatically detect 
99.999% cases based on crowd sourced examples and deciders collected in 
test/lisp/progmodes, test/lisp/textmodes?

Those files will have templates like Org Mode’s example and result block which 
people append to as they come across an OddOne™ which then feed into DL, ML to 
produce the necessary regexp (and rx) expressions.

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