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Re: Newsgroups mailing-list gateway broken thread

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Newsgroups mailing-list gateway broken thread
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2018 17:07:48 +0200
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Bob Proulx wrote:

> In the intervening two years since the
> previous discussion nothing substantial
> has happened.

Last words from my part in the matter is that
two years ago I didn't understand that I broke
threads on a daily basis simply by using the
newsgroup! The reason I didn't understand it
was that in the newsgroup, it didn't happen,
everything looked and looks fine.

But now when I read Proulx' summary [1] - which
I did back then as well, of course -
I understand it, and it is a bit of a mystery
why I didn't understand it even then.

So I'd like to underline that me using the
newsgroup these two years was because 1) me not
understanding the problems it caused, 2) its
speed compared to the equivalent Gmane group.

In my life, there have been a couple of
rebellious acts, some of which I today feel
shame, some pride, and some 50/50, but this
situation in particular was no such act but
pure ignorance. I didn't understand this until
this particular sentence "When users post to
the newsgroup and it is gatewayed into the
mailing list it breaks threading."

Obviously, in the grand scheme of things, all
this is a bubble, but I thought I'd say
it anyway.


underground experts united

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