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Re: Spam through the newsgroup gateway

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Spam through the newsgroup gateway
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2018 22:48:57 +0200
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Nuno Silva wrote:

>> Since we have been talking about the
>> newsgroup gateway of late... The recent spam
>> messages just now to the mailing list came
>> through the newsgroup and not the mailing
>> list. There isn't a way to filter it from
>> the mailing list since it is done upstream
>> by Mailman outside of our control. It is an
>> example of a peeve of mine with the way
>> Mailman handles email. When spam enters the
>> newsgroup it is gateway'd directly to the
>> mailing list bypassing spam filtering. If it
>> went through the spam filtering the same as
>> other mail then I would be okay with it.
>> The only direct way to stop it is to block
>> messages from the gateway. And obviously we
>> have already talked about why that isn't
>> desired. Public Service Announcement: Please
>> do not reply to spam. If a valid message is
>> in reply to a spam message then it refers to
>> it and in a sense validates it. To talk
>> about spam please use an independent thread
>> so as not to validate the original spam.
> Here I only saw the two recent spam messages in
> the Gmane group. They did not appear in the
> USENET group.

I have not seen any spam in the Gmane
group either?

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