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Re: Where is Emacs Lisp taught ?

From: Gene
Subject: Re: Where is Emacs Lisp taught ?
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2018 10:22:36 -0700 (PDT)
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On Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 8:20:06 PM UTC-4, Garreau, Alexandre wrote:

> On 2018-10-26 at 11:05, Gene wrote:

>> The missing Course is NOT one which emphasizes `functional' this or
>> `lispiness' that ... it's one which keeps it's eyes upon the prize:

>> `Exploiting the hell out of Emacs Lisp as a Domain-specific language
>> which saves YOU time by allowing YOU to outsource and delegate
>> time-consuming, tedious, otherwise-MANUAL operations!'
>> Computer time is cheaper than dirt; YOUR TIME is priceless.

> Indeed, that’s what I meant when I said that I/O and high-level user-end
> facilities were what would make elisp a fantastic language for learning
> programming, ...

Not only elisp as a would-be stand-alone language, but emacs as the dynamic 
engine providing the elisp REPL and the workshop-full-of-tools environment it 

To wit, folks are doing reproducible research via org-mode's code blocks ... 
although usually via a single language.


Can you imagine a self-paced, self-directed learner working his or her way 
through a programming problem hosted on Rosetta Code?


There are so many languages supported by code block feature of Org-mode that 
the student can perform their very own n-way comparative linguistics research.

> ... *nonetheless* (I said this only to moderate what I was
> saying about how great would elisp be as a teaching language)

It could be, if one started from a Natural Language Processing perspective.
I'd like to see someone start with the Noun-Phrase and Verb-Phrase `lists' from 
a Linguistic Typology perspective using two-or-more families of languages ... 
say Germanic languages (including English) and Romance languages.


If lisp can encode `trees' then why not sentence structure trees?


All too often the teaching of `programming languages' requires that the 
servile, obsequious, fawning `student' emphasizes syntax over semantics as he 
or she forfeits self-directed self-pacing while subordinating his or her 
curiosity to FEAR ... fear of a `bad grade', fear of not COMPLETING an 
`assignment' vis-a-vis some arbitrary and capricious `dead line', fear of 
losing position in class standing, etc.

It might be interesting to see a semantics-first approach to LEARNING computer 
languages from this sort of more_Natural-Language-Semantic_THAN_CS-syntactic 

I'm all for displacing didactics with mathetics.


I'd certainly like to see Rosetta Code's assortment of coding examples 
re-presented via one-example-per-Org-mode_file via the exploitation of code 


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