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Re: Gmane Autoauthorizer

From: Nuno Silva
Subject: Re: Gmane Autoauthorizer
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2018 01:33:45 +0000
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On 2018-10-31, Emanuel Berg wrote:

> Nuno Silva wrote:
>> Did you change your "From:" address?
>> As far as I can tell, the Gmane
>> Autoauthorizer has stopped working several
>> months ago. (See gmane.discuss)
>> Using already authorized addresses works, but
>> using new addresses or posting to groups
>> where you haven't posted before won't work.
> Indeed I have. I had to change my e-mail
> because Zoho blocked my outgoing mail.
> Probably because I sent too much they thought
> I was a spammer :)

Did they block *only* outgoing? In that case, you could still use the
old address with gmane.

> But: Oh, no! This means I can't access all the
> other Gmane groups either! Is someone working
> on this problem?

Nuno Silva

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