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Re: Gnus mail splitting / Gmane / / mailing list

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Gnus mail splitting / Gmane / / mailing list
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2018 21:49:47 +0100
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Nuno Silva wrote:

> How did you subscribe to the list? Any chance
> you're subscribed to the "no mail" variant
> (if that option is available for this mailing
> list)?

I sent I mail using the "List-Subscribe:" header,


I got a reply to confirm, and did so.
Actually since then, I have gotten a couple of
mails from the list, but not as many as I've
seen in the newsgroup (Usenet & Gmane).

Some have ended up in my dedicated nnml group,
but I got one in my main group, so the
"List-Id:" header is perhaps not always there -
as it wasn't, in this case.

However, there is something wrong with my own
setup because, as said, even if I got the
regexp (not a plain string) fails, I should get
the rest to the fallthru case.

>> I did send a mail to List-Help:
>> <>
>> but no reply there either.
> As in a message to
> with the
> subject 'help'? If you did not get any reply,
> then I guess something *is* wrong.

I didn't get (see) anything and today I tried
to unsubscribe and I didn't get (see) anything
this time either :)

underground experts united

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