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pg.el: pg:connect -> Backend error: FATAL unsupported frontend protocol

From: Martin Steffen
Subject: pg.el: pg:connect -> Backend error: FATAL unsupported frontend protocol 1.0: server supports 2.0 to 3.0
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2018 10:48:27 +0100
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I encountered a problem with postgres/pg.el after a recent upgrade of
the OS (fedora/postgres). It well might be that pg.el is not the
``culprit'' but I was not able to properly nail it down and I don't know
how to localize is.

On a very high level, the problem is: connecting to an existing data base
via pg.el yields the message

    pg:connect: Backend error: FATAL:  unsupported frontend protocol 1.0: 
server supports 2.0 to 3.0    

On the surface, the problem is kind of clear: somewhere/somehow, protocol
1.0 is no longer supported any more-

So far so good, the question is what to do about it (short of trying if one
get's hold of an outdated postgres version, which is a non-options).

What makes it puzzling for me are the following points:

     1) I can still access my postgres DB properly. that includes access
     ``via emacs'' in the sense of using sql-mode (sql.el) and functions like

        So, there's nothing wrong with the data-base, and some other
        emacs-modes are also willing to handle connection to my data
        base (but not pg.el)
     2) searching around on the internet I found some
        discussion/mentioning of the ``unsupported frontend protocol''
        phenomenon, but I could not find much information that seemed
        helpful for me.

        The longest discussion is a blog detailing reasons for the
        ``unsupported-protocol-mystery'' (as the blog title reads):


        Unfortunately, I was unable to turn that discussion into
        something that helps me to address my problem. Besides (if I
        interpret the analysis correct), the problem is poinpointed to
        nmap ``bingo, mystery solved. [...] most likely caused by
        someone running nmap in version detection mode.'' My machine did
        not have nmap running or even installed, so nmap is not the
        source of the problem on my machine.

I would he happy about any ideas where to dig (or even where to ask;
perhaps pg.el, is where it manifests itself for me, but it should be
tackled perhaps in some other package or component, but the question
would be where).

Thanks a lot, Martin

PS: for completeness sake: I use the very latest version of pg.el
"0.13+" resp "0.12", both have the same reaction.  For emacs I use emacs

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